Sassy dachshund only has one gear – and won’t speed up for anyone


Buster the sausage dog refuses to quicken his pace, which means he often ends up way in the back when walking with his siblings and owner, much to the amusement of viewers

When it comes to taking a walk, this content little dachshund doesn’t rush for anyone.

While many dogs may rush through their walks in sheer excitement, Buster the sausage dog prefers to take his time, making sure he really squeezes the maximum amount of enjoyment out of his daily exercise.

Perfectly happy to go at his own pace, Buster lets his more energetic siblings lead the way, trotting along at the back by himself.

The amusing video is a testament to the patience of the pup’s entire family, with the rest of the dogs as well as Buster’s owner having to wait for the cautious canine.

In the clip, viewers are first shown two of Buster’s siblings on their walk, both going at the same pace.

But then the camera pans back around 50 yards to show us Buster, who is trotting along at a much slower pace and showing no signs of getting any faster.

The stylish dachshund, complete with silver harness, refuses to quicken his pace for anyone, enjoying himself far too much as he takes in everything around him.

His sister Bella clearly doesn’t have much time to wait for Buster though, as another clip on the account shows her running back to nudge her brother, telling him to hurry up.

Another commenter wrote: “My favourite slow walker ever. I love watching him chill and take his time.”

A third added: “Please, I have to know, have you EVER seen him run in his lifetime.”

Buster isn’t the only dachshund to have enjoyed success on the app of late, with Zero the sausage dog going viral after getting upset that his own reflection didn’t want to play with him.

The poor dog cried to his reflection in the clip, not able to understand why they don’t want to play.

Zero even tries to shuffle backwards in the hope that his imaginary friend might join him for some playtime, but to no avail.

Other dachshunds to have experienced viral fame on TikTok recently were three sausage dogs whose owner built them their own living room.

The amazing DIY feat includes three sofas as well as paintings and pictures hung at a dog height.

The lucky pups even have their own 24” TV, alongside a bar cart, lamps and rugs.