Defiant baby pays no attention to mum as she insists on sharing highchair snack with dog


Sofia ignores her mum’s attempts to stop her feeding dog Baz, giving a sassy look to the camera as she offers the pup a second helping

Most dog owners have been guilty of sneaking a morsel or two off their dinner plate to give to their dog under the table.

And this sassy baby is adamant that her meals are to be shared with her canine best friend.

In the hilarious TikTok clip posted by @sofia.and.baz , baby Sofia is digging into some slices of ham in her high chair when she decides to tear a piece off to feed to Belgian Malinois Dutch shepherd cross Baz, who is waiting expectantly beside her.

When Sofia’s mum tells her “no” the toddler isn’t happy about it at all, throwing what the clip describes as a “minor temper tantrum” and crying in protest while thrashing in her chair.

“I think I won this battle,” reads the caption by Sofia’s mum – but the victory doesn’t last long.

Defiant Sofia soon picks herself up from the defeat by casually grabbing another piece of ham, tearing off a smaller piece and then, looking her mum right in the eye, holding it out to Baz who seizes the opportunity and quickly gobbles it up.

“Think again mom,” the clip reads. The priceless look on little Sofia’s face, completely unfazed by her mum’s scolding, has left TikTok viewers in stitches.

“She said, OK we listened to your feedback and have improved our serving size!” one person commented on the funny clip.

“Umm mom, that’s her dog!” another viewer said, to which Sofia’s mum replied: “I have no say anymore.”

The adorable sofia.and.baz TikTok account is full of videos of the cheeky pair being thick as thieves, showing affectionate dog Baz sticking close by Sofia’s side from the moment she arrived home as a newborn baby.

Baz isn’t the only dog to find his new best friend in the youngest member of the household.

German shepherd Brody loved his owner’s new baby so much that he tried to initiate a game of fetch – failing to grasp that the tiny two-month-old was a bit too young to throw his ball.

In the cute TikTok video from @keepingupwiththekokals , poor Brody doesn’t understand his owner’s patient explanation that the baby can’t yet play with the ball that the dog has dropped expectantly at his feet.

Some dogs even get stuck in with the childcare side – hearts melted over a TikTok clip posted by @wrigleyandlulu of the family’s dedicated dog, who had learned to dutifully bring his owner nappies for their new baby when it came to changing time.