Iconic’ dad becomes internet celebrity after going clubbing with his daughter


The devoted dad wasn’t going to let his daughter go clubbing alone so he offered to go with her, and now he’s become an internet favourite as people are envious of the middle-aged man’s dance moves

An ‘iconic’ dad has become an internet celebrity after taking his daughter out clubbing – and people are swooning over his dance moves.

TikTok star Talia, @taliasc, was on holiday with her family in Madrid, Spain, and decided she wanted to hit the tiles so put on her dancing shoes and prepared to head into the night.

Then her dad offered to go with her, wearing his best shirt, spectacles, and sweater vest – and together they danced the night away, as the Daily Star reports.

Talia filmed her dad as he sang along to Low by Flo Rida, pumped his fist while sat on a bench, and just generally had a nice time – and now he’s become the internet’s new favourite dad.

His other antics include talking selfies for the family chat, fist-pumping to the music while sending work emails in the corner, and drinking Diet Coke when everyone else has tequila shots.

Talia jokes he is “reminding everyone he’s the main character” by dancing out of the club at the end of the night.

Her video has been watched more than 10 million times on TikTok and a whopping 12,000 people left comments – with many in awe of her “iconic” father.

One user joked: “You let him go with a vest on? Let some of the other guys have a chance.”

A second person commented: “No, because when the glasses go up you KNOW it’s time to party.”

“But that’s literally me at the club am I… a dad?” asked a woman.

Someone else simply called it “legendary behaviour” and another fan wrote: “Can we just talk about the amazing relationship you must have with your dad? Kudos girl.”

It turned out Talia’s dad was so popular on the video-sharing app that many people changed their own TikTok profile pictures to a selfie of him.