Audacious husky makes dramatic exit to avoid a telling off from fuming dad


The Husky, called Bruce has made quite a mess on the floor in Tennessee, USA, but when his owner tries to confront him the cheeky dog is having none of it and immediately tries to disappear

Nobody likes having a telling-off – and this husky’s solution is to avoid facing the music altogether by making a break for it as his owner scolds him.

In a funny TikTok clip posted by @theraleyfam , who live in Tennessee, USA, dog Bruce doesn’t think twice about slinking away from his furious owner after making a mess.

And his crafty escape attempt has left viewers in stitches.

It looks like Bruce has got into a food container, leaving its tattered remnants on the floor of the kitchen. But the naughty dog doesn’t fancy facing the consequences of his actions.

The moment unsuspecting Bruce strolls in from the back garden, his owner confronts him. “Was that you?” he asks, pointing to the mess on the floor.

But the husky is instantly having none of it. With a quick glance at the mess, Bruce assesses the situation and decides his best course of action is to get out of there.

Turning back around, the dog casually strolls back the way he came and disappears through the doggy door in the wall.

His owner isn’t about to give up, and follows Bruce outside – leading to the cheeky husky sticking his head straight back through the dog flap in an attempt to hide.

He freezes, half inside and half out, when he sees his owner standing in the doorway – not expecting his cunning escape plan to be foiled so easily.

The poor pup gives a defeated howl when he finally realises there’s no avoiding this telling-off.

TikTok viewers fell in love with Bruce and his cheeky antics, with the clip racking up over four and a half million likes, and people commented on what the guilty dog might be thinking.

“I feel like he said ‘I’ll be back when you calm down’,” one person commented.

Another said: “He said, ‘I don’t have time for this negativity dad!’”

“He’s like ‘I’m not answering any questions until my lawyer gets here’,” joked a third.

Bruce isn’t the only dramatic husky who’s desperately tried to avoid doing something he doesn’t fancy lately.

In another TikTok clip that left viewers in hysterics, dog Winter struggled with all her might to avoid her least favourite activity – bath time.

The hilarious video shows Winter wrestling her owner as she’s carried towards the dreaded bathroom, attempting to grip onto the door frames with her paws before she finally accepts her fate.