Cute cat that looks exactly like Shrek’s Puss in Boots has internet swooning


Pisco the golden British shorthair look’s exactly like the Antonio Banderas’ voiced cat from the second Shrek film, especially when he holds up his paws and begs for food

An adorable cat that looks just like Puss in Boots from Shrek has the internet swooning – as people ask how his owner doesn’t give in and feed him all the time.

Pisco is a golden British short hair and when he begs for food, with his paws raised, he bears more than a passing resemblance to the animated cat, voiced by Antonio Banderas.

His owner has created an Instagram profile for the adorable cat, and soon the fans came flooding in – and now Pisco has over 614,000 followers, as the Metro reports.

These days, the celebrity cat lives a life of luxury in New York, with all the toys and attention his heart desires.

Pisco’s owner said: “When we first got Pisco he wasn’t the cuddle bear he is right now.

“He was very skittish and wouldn’t want us to hold him or touch him at all.

“But every day we show him it’s okay and we wouldn’t force him to cuddle or grab him. Soon he became a lot more confident and started to get curious.

“And now he’s a super teddy bear and loves to cuddle.”

Pisco’s Instagram page is filled with pictures of the golden cat with his incredibly round eyes, looking more adorable in each shot.

On one image, a fan wrote: “SO CUTE! Wanna be furr friends?”

Then on another, a second fan said: “Oh my gosh.”

And a third wrote: “Awww, super cute.”

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