Mum defends ‘cruel’ prank after giving coal to daughter as a Christmas present


Mum Tori took to TikTok to share a prank she played on her daughter, which she hoped would teach the youngster to be better behaved before Christmas Day – but some say it’s cruel

A mum has taken to TikTok to defend a ‘cruel’ prank she played on her daughter – where she gave the youngster ‘coal’ as a Christmas present.

Tori said that she wanted to teach her daughter a lesson so she would be better behaved over the festive season, so she wrapped up a piece of rock, painted black to look like coal, and gave it to her as a gift.

But some said that the joke was too cruel, and that the mum’s actions might have “traumatised” the child, as the Daily Star reports.

But Tori insists that it was a good-natured joke and that her daughter knew that, and that she’s “loved unconditionally”.

Tori, from US, said she borrowed the idea from the naughty “Elf on the Shelf” and came up with a prank when her three-year-old girl was misbehaving.

Admitting that they are a “Christmas after Halloween family”, Tori showed her parenting trick on TikTok and said: “Our daughter was an absolute s*** today.

“Elfie is going to have a little surprise for her when she wakes up.”

She heads outside the home and picks a pebble from the front garden, painting it black so that it looks like a small piece of coal.

Tori then places the “coal” in a red gift box and hides the Elf doll before including a note that writes: “To: DJ”

In a follow-up video, Tori shows her daughter’s reaction as she reads out the note: “Reindeer DJ, I had to go back to the North Pole to tell Santa how mean you have been.

“I am sad! Please be good so Santa will bring you lots of presents, see you soon. Love, Elfie.”

When the girl finds a dirty rock in the box, her dad says: “Yeah, bad kid gets coal.”

Many parents disagreed with Tori’s idea and said she ruined the Christmas spirit.

One wrote: “Now it lost its magic because you touched it.”

A second penned: “Great, she’s traumatised now.”

Tori hit back at the mean comments and said: “My daughter thought it was hilarious.

“I’m sorry for anyone who took this to heart or had a bad experience with their parents. My baby is loved unconditionally and she knows it.”